Installing Amazon EC2 API tools in Linux

It took a couple of days, but I finally found out how to configure linux in order to run Amazon EC2 Tools commands. I found some instructions here and there, but I’ll provide instructions that are clearer (I hope) to the new Linux user, particularly, running Fedora (RPM-based Linux). Much of it is derived from the aforelinked instructions, so look at those for extra information. You should already know some basic linux commands – and remember that these instructions worked for me in Fedora. 

First of all, what is Amazon EC2?  Continue reading

Importing Point Cloud Data


I was inspired by the making of a music video and wanted to try the same thing using their data with Python in Maya. I also ended up trying it with the House Of Cards data. Eventually, I’ll make a GUI that allows for easy point cloud data import into Maya. I wonder how this data can be used for polygon modelling – something else to try.