Cache Cloud Is Out

Finally posted my script! It’s a utility that creates Maya Particle Disk Cache (PDC) files from a sequence of point cloud data. You can find more information here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

UPDATE: I modified the script so that it contains more classes and documentation (v0.9.0). Unfortunately, it’s almost twice as slow as the original release (v0.8.4). Feel free to download the code from my website:


Cache Cloud finished


The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a python script that I named Cache Cloud. With all the point cloud data being generated with Kinect hacks and 3D scanners, I thought this would be a useful Maya utility. It writes Maya Particle Disk Cache files using an animation of point cloud data. It’s finished, but I’ll post some sample videos before releasing the script within the next couple of days. Thanks to this video, I was inspired to write Cache Cloud. Next I’d like to write another one to make nParticle cache files.


UPDATE: I added another feature that removes zero-value points; and cleaned up some code which is now making it twice as fast to process.